Girl Talk: Love Yourself


I love how the MSG version has it, ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’

For years, I focused on the “love others” part of this verse, but how can I love others well, if I’ve yet to learn how to love myself?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I’m sure many of us have a long list in our subconscious we can quickly pull out. Personality traits, quirky habits, physical attributes, parts of our story and even the direction we’re headed; we are so good at seeing all we are not. Today, we’re going to change that. I dare you to list 10 things you actually like about yourself: 2 physical attributes, 2 personality traits, 2 good habits you posses, 2 decisions you’re glad you made, 2 things that make you unique.

Did you make the list? If so, send it to me! I want to see it! Post it on your Insta-Story and tag me or DM it to me. You can even write it in the comments if you’d like 😉

Are you having a hard time sharing these 10 things? I was serious about wanting to see it, what do you absolutely looooooove about yourself?

I believe we will only love others to the best of our ability when we love ourselves. And I’m not talking about loving the Nadia who will be married, with a career, a ministry and an aesthetically pleasing home. I’m talking about loving the Nadia who took two years off of school, who eats a kale omelette for breakfast, but cereal and m&ms for dinner. I certainly will love that Nadia who will have it all together, but I am determined to love myself today.

A couple of weeks ago, I took a bit of a social media break. It wasn’t anything too major, I just needed to re-fill my love tank, to love others better, but also to love myself. Now, before Jesus said this, He said, “The Lord our God is one Lord; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.” So, I think it all begins by loving God. Why? Because it’s easy to love someone  perfect. He is everything we need and could ever want. Start by being grateful for all He’s done, so you can love who He is. Once this happens, you’ll see yourself how He sees you.

You make Him happy, glad and feel giddy inside. He waits all night to simply hear your first words in the morning. We are everything to Him.

A few blog posts ago, I challenged you to love others and be kind. Today, I challenge you to schedule in acts of kindness for yourself. For me, this means a good Hallmark movie, getting my nails done, or a late-night gym session. I’ve got three things I want you to do differently starting today, ready?

  1. Get out your cute stationary and make the list (if you haven’t already). I want you to acknowledge something you’re doing today to become the dream you. Let me explain. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be the type of woman who would send out thank-you cards in the mail after a party. This year, I bought stacks and stacks of thank-you cards I keep on my shelf. I can celebrate the fact that I have become a thank-you card giver, and I love that about me! 🙂
  2. Wake up, look into the mirror and give yourself a compliment. Actually, let’s not stop there; I dare you to compliment yourself every time you look into a mirror. Stare into your reflection, open your mouth and confess all the good that you see. Taking it a step further, I write down verses about who I am in Christ on sticky-notes and tape them around my room to constantly remind myself I am loved.
  3. Hug yourself. Yes, I am 100% serious. My dad taught me my hands are to be used to lift up, caress and love. Don’t slap yourself or playfully hit yourself on the head when you make a mistake; respect yourself with your words and physical behavior. Give yourself a pat on the back once you accomplish a task, like laundry after a conference or finishing a school paper.

I am telling you friend, loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give to those around you. In this way, we can love passionately and selflessly.

You are absolutely amazing, believe it!

signature fall 3


Photography: Sarah Turgis, Classy Serg

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