5 Thoughts to Change your Day

Congratulations! You made it through Monday and Tuesday! But it’s Wednesday, and maybe you’re feeling that mid-week slump coming on. Here are 5 truths to get you to Friday! This is #FlipTheSwitch, a new series on the blog where we will be switching our gloomy thoughts for thoughts of greatness!

  1. You’re not alone. Any other 20 year olds trying to budget like an adult, and failing? Haha!  Any other moms out there trying to change diapers and change the world at the same time? Any guys out there trying to man up, but not sure how? Whatever it is you’re going through, I can assure you, you are not the only one struggling with that. One of the biggest lies is thinking we are alone. It makes us shrink back and feel overwhelmed and unable to move forward. Talk about the hurdles you need to overcome with friends who are older, more experienced and mature. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Opening up will not only ease the burden, but will prove to you you’re not alone. Lift your eyes off the ground and notice the community that surrounds you. If you don’t have friends to lift you up, you have me, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! 🙂
  2. I have emotions, but I’m not emotional. One of the most beautiful things about the human being is our ability to feel. It’s crazy that one heart can experience the rush of so many different feelings; happiness, excitement, fear, sadness, pain, love, etc. But feelings can get a little messy, and are a poor foundation to build a life on. No one builds a house on the sand, because when the storm comes, it crumbles to the ground. Emotions are the awesome accessories for the house we build on the sturdy foundation, Jesus. Today, acknowledge your emotions, love them and choose to not be led by them. This means, whether I feel like being patient or not, I choose to be. If I don’t feel like #hustling, I’m determined to do it anyway. Let’s live beyond our emotions!
  3. It’s God’s dream, too. God and Abraham had the same dream, only God dreamt bigger. Abraham wanted a son, God wanted to give him the stars. I know the thought of surrendering our dreams to God can be a little intimidating, but our dreams are just too small. When we give up ours to receive His, we can dream BIG and become partners with Him. This means we no longer have to conquer things alone, God’s got our back. We no longer have to approach God crouching under fear to ask for help, but rather have Him guide us in the process and take us to work in His strength.
  4. Crawling is moving. What do flying, running and walking have in common? All three are ways to move forward. There is such beauty in not comparing my season to the process others are living. Maybe, you’re walking in your career; just starting and taking it easy. Good for you! Maybe you’re running in your emotional area, that’s awesome! Maybe you’re flying in the ministry, that’s amazing! Or maybe, you’re barely crawling in all of these things. I still applaud you for moving forward. Do yourself a favor and stop comparing yourself. Don’t compare yourself to the successful YouTuber, don’t compare yourself to the mom of five who never forgets the snacks for soccer practice, just don’t. Take a moment and smile about where you are. Congratulate yourself on your clean kitchen, on your good grades, and the fact that you didn’t have cheesecake for dinner. You are slayingggg!
  5. You are in right standing with God. Drop that there’s something wrong with you or in your routine. Jesus paid a very high price for us to not live under the weight of condemnation. If you have humbled and put yourself in a place where you can be taught by your authorities, then rest assured that God is working. I spent so much time chasing God with my list of all that needed fixing in me. One day, I understood that He has His own list and is transforming me on His schedule. What I’m saying is, you are in right standing with God right now, it’s not something that is going to happen, it’s a done deal today. And what God needs to change and chisel in us, is not our job, it’s His. So, leave the heavy coat of being wrong at the Cross and put on freedom and grace!

signature fall 3

Shoutout to Classy Serg for these pictures. He is my good friend and talented content creator. If you’re interested in a photo shoot with him, head over to his Instagram and DM/comment on one of the pictures and tell him I sent you 😉 You can find him at https://www.instagram.com/classyserg/ 


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