Travel Tips for International Travel!

HELLO BOGOTA! Feels good to breathe in this crisp air of revival, woo! I am so excited to be here and experience what God will do this weekend in El Nombre.
Today, I want to share some (a lot of) travel tips for all my friends who are flying for the first time. Let’s get started!

*To avoid extra charges, weigh your bags at home and pack smart. Heavy items like shoes and winter jackets should go in the carry-on or medium-luggage. Lighter things can be strategically folded in the larger suitcase. Check your airline’s luggage policy.
*Check-in to your flight 24 hours before on the airline’s website. After doing so, most airlines will ask if you’d like to print the boarding pass or receive it via text or email. I usually request them to text it to me and screenshot it in case I loose signal/wi-fi. Apple devices allow you to add your boarding pass to the Apple Wallet/Passbook.
*My mom was always so good at making sure we had enough food on flights. I definitely recommend packing a sandwich or your favorite snacks for flights. Airlines usually have food available for purchase, but it’s mostly packaged food, so it’s not very nutritious or filling.
*I like to pack my passport/IDs, phone, and wallet in a small over the shoulder purse. This way, I’m not digging around in the black hole I call my purse for things I’ll definitely need. Speaking of passports and documents, keep an eye on the expiration date of your travel documents! 😉


*TSA will always ask you to remove laptops, tablets, game consoles, etc. from your carry-on and put it on a separate tray. Do yourself a favor, and just pack the device in your bag until you get past security.
*For the love of all the people behind you in TSA, please do not pack prohibited items in your carry-on (see ) Leave you new expensive bottle of perfume in your checked bag, if it’s more than 3 oz, they will. toss. it, No mercy! Loudly_Crying_Face_Emoji
*I recommend to wear shoes that are easy to take off and put on. Also, I always carry a pair of fuzzy socks in my bag for the flight!
*I have a travel makeup/medicine bag I take with me on the plane. Make sure this is in a Ziploc bag and each liquid/cream product is be under 3 oz.


Most airlines provide entertainment, but just in case the wi-fi goes down, here are some ideas:
-Book, duh! I always have my Bible and notebook with me, there’s something about literally being up in the clouds that just gives me the feels for God! haha
-Podcasts! Apple’s Podcasts app lets you download them so you can listen without wi-fi. Download sermons, topics of interest or audio books.
-Netflix is now allowing you to download select shows/movies. This is so good to have on your phone in case the aircraft doesn’t have wi-fi, or the movie they are playing is White_Thumbs_Down_Sign_Emoji
-Work! I get a lot of work done on flights because there are very few distractions, take advantage of the time to study, work and respond to emails.
-My favorite, but possibly, most difficult: sleep! All you need is a good neck pillow, some NyQuil and a scarf that doubles as a blanket. 😉
-Music: Spotify and Apple Music allow you to download music to be available offline when you have a subscription. Download your new favorites before heading out to enjoy them on the flight.
**Portable chargers will be your best friend! I try to not use my phone before a flight so I have full battery on the flight in the case that they do not have charging outlets.
*It’s a race! Have all your things packed and ready to go so as soon as they clear the seatbelt sign, you’re up on your feet to bring down your carry-on and run out. The sooner you get off the plane, the sooner you’ll get through customs, the sooner you’ll be home. Or, you can pull an Alfredo Mora and wait until everybody gets off the plane and be last in line. for. everything. That’s okay too.
*I usually prefer to sit in the front of the aircraft, either window or aisle. If I will be in a rush to get out, I choose aisle to quickly perform step 1 mentioned above.

Lastly, enjoy it! Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, family or colleagues, it’s so fun! Determine to have the best attitude in the long lines, to smile at strangers and be kind to the airport employees. Your trips are as good as you’re willing to make them 🙂 Laugh at the chaos at the baggage claim, celebrate your toddler spilling his apple juice and throw your hands up when there’s turbulence!—Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a little haha.

I’m going to have some Ajiaco now, have an awesome week amigos!

Your friend,
Nadia Kay



Loved flying with you sweet Isa!


Photograph: Daniel Mora on iPhone

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