Happy Father’s Day!


A letter to all the men we celebrate today…especially my Dad:

Dad, have you realized that you are irreplaceable in our lives? Did you know that fatherhood is not man’s doing, but a heavenly calling? God searched the lands and chose you to be the father of your children. He considered many for the part, but chose you. So, if you’re the one chosen to fulfill this important mission, do you get that no one else can do it but you? If you’re not the one hugging us, the world won’t hesitate to do so. If you don’t protect us, where will we find refuge? Dads, we need you.

When I was little, I needed you to guide me on the right path and give me worth and value. I needed you to tell me I was important in this big, scary world. As a baby, I needed you to play the guitar so I could fall asleep. I needed you to tie my shoes, cook pancakes on Saturdays, teach me how to throw a football and narrate the Bible stories when I went to bed. I needed you when I was scared at night and need a hand to hold to cross the street. I needed you for my science project and to learn how to be different from everybody else. I needed you to know I can be beautiful without makeup; needed you to teach me how to drive and know what to do when things got hard. When I needed to see what a gentleman looked like, you were there. I needed you then…I need you now.

I still need your hugs, still need to hear your jokes on gloomy days, and your advice for new experiences. I am still in need of your time, guidance and correction. There are still so many hours I want to spend with you, and so many things I have yet to learn. I still need your love and friendship. I still need to be asked to dance at weddings, need you to come home with flowers for Mom and I. I am still a Daddy’s girl who wants to talk for hours and dream with the impossible.

Dad, you are the most important person in my life. You are the one God chose to inspire me to walk with Jesus. You are the man responsible for making me feel happy and safe. You were my hero when I was afraid of the monsters in the closet, and you’re my hero today. You’re the one who taught me to fight my battles in faith, live in holiness, enjoy life and to never settle for anything less than God’s best for my life.

Today, I honor your life, your relationship with God and your friendship with the Holy Spirit. You are a man of revelation, authority and jokes! I feel honored having been brought up under your covering. I love how close I can be to learn life’s secrets from you. I miss you but I am eternally grateful for your YES to God more than 28 years ago. It’s crazy that the one thing you thought you’d never have, a family, God gave to you physically and spiritually. You have a Fatherly anointing; I love sharing you with the nations of the earth. Dad, I needed you then and I need you now!

Happy Father’s Day to all the brave men who responded YES to the calling to be priests of their home. Your faith transforms generations.

Your friend (and daughter!),

Nadia Kay


“Parenting with you has been an adventure! Thank you for allowing our Heavenly Father to instruct you. I admire your wisdom to correct, your love to motivate and your passion to take our children to know God. Happy Father’s Day! I love you!” -Perla Doris @dormismora12


I admire you in so many things. You’re a great Pastor, Business man, chef, and so much more. But I think you’re the best at being my dad. You always have the right thing to say and you teach me with your example. I love you so much!” -James @santithemorag12


Photography: Ana Avila @anama02


One thought on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Paula Cable says:

    Nadia! My beautiful Nadia! Oh, how I love your blog. Your words are eloquent and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your life and your wisdom. I long to see your precious face in Louisiana again. Until then, thank you for the glimpses of your ❤️ dear one. You are a precious treasure. I miss you and love you always! 😘


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