7 Ways to Have the Best Week

Hey you, welcome back! Did you know that one way to tell if something is alive is to see if it is growing, progressing and advancing? I think it is so easy to settle and simply forget to grow…but we are very much alive which is why we need to improve continually. Today I want to share with you 7 things that have increased the quality of my life. I hope this makes you smile, gives you hope and opens up a new perspective for your everyday life. 😉



  1. Start F R E S H ! God established the seasons, months and weeks, days even, for new beginnings. My mom taught me to never go into a new week with the burdens and trash of the previous week; leave the past in the past and start fresh! Try this: Start with a new promise from God, set new goals that are not so overbearing, even try a new order from Starbucks (just stay away from the Unicorn Frappe, or so I’ve heard)!
  2. Be g r a t e f u l !  It is so easy to focus on everything that is going wrong and not according to plan, but that does absolutely nothing for our motivation. Starting your day with a grateful heart is the best way to shut the enemy up! Set your alarm five minutes earlier to wake up and jot down a couple of things you are thankful for. Try this: Every time you have the urge to complain, speak out one thing you’re grateful for!

  3. G i v e what you want! Have you ever sat around wishing a friend would send you an encouraging text or invite you out for a cup of coffee? Ever in need of a hug or a friend’s prayer? What if instead of waiting around to receive those things, we’d go out and give them? When I am in need of a motivating text or a high-five, I don’t even let myself think about it; I reach out and high-five the first person I see or text a friend a sweet message. This instantly takes me out of the state of lack and puts me in a place where I can give love to others, completely transforming my day. Try this: Say thank-you to a friend with a handwritten thank-you card, take your boss a cup of coffee in the morning, call your leader/pastor to simply thank them for always being there.
  4. Do something nice for s o m e o n e  e l s e ! Whether you’re married, living on your own, or still with your family, there are things we can all do to bless those around us. Wake up your spouse or parents with a hot cup of coffee, for instance. Sabrina (my cousin) and I share a room, and we’re learning to go out of our way to make each other happy, to be intentionally kind. Things as simple as folding the other person’s laundry or making each other’s bed if one of us didn’t have time to do it in the morning. Little things make a big difference! What can you do today to make someone else’s day a little better? Try this: Arrive 15-min earlier to a meeting to help your leader, boss or pastor with last minute details, take your mom’s car for a wash, wash the dishes, bring home your family’s favorite dessert, pay for the person after you in a drive-thru. When we have a giving heart, the possibilities are endless!
  5. Take notice of the g o o d ! Sabrina and I are great at acknowledging each other, but also the many blessings in our lives. What are good things you can focus on, as other things get better? Try this: Instead of arguing with your spouse, leave them a post-it of something great they did that day, give a good review to a place/service that made you happy, just lift up your hands and say “thank you God because I have not tripped over anything today!” (that is a HUGE victory, my friend!)15ce589b4cfa0646909e40419e762bb0
  6. A s k and you shall receive! People have asked me why/how I am so happy all the time. The truth is, last year, my cousin and I began to ask God to pour buckets and buckets of joy into our lives. Since then, we burst into laughter about everything; the good, the not so fortunate happenings and the stuff that simply does not make sense. Instead of worrying and living under the pressure to do it in our strength, we laugh! Laugh at the coffee that just spilled and made you late for work, laugh at your four year old jumping in the puddles before church, laugh when it rains on the day you planned to go to the beach and laugh at the surprises God puts in your way! Try this: When you’re feeling stressed, burst out into laughter, like a literal “bah-ha-ha”. 😀 This works even better when the whole family is in the car in a traffic jam, just laugh! 1eaab6a265a76a6031e8fe95bac1eab0
  7. T a l k about it! Our words have so much power! What is the first thing you declared over your week today? “Ugh, I’m so tired!” Did you yell at your alarm when it rang this morning? The level of greatness of your week depends on the words you speak over it. Instead of saying, “I feel so overwhelmed at work”, say, “I am victorious in all things!” Instead of saying, “This week my professor is going to hate me”, say, “I have been clothed in grace!” Try this: These are the very first things I say as soon as I wake up, I don’t even get out of bed without saying this first. I open my eyes, smile and say, “Good morning Holy Spirit!” And then lifting my arms in victory I say, “I have something the world needs and today I am going to give it!”

God has called us to live beyond the ‘okay’, and as your friend, I want to see you smile your way through life and experience the goodness of the Father. Things are not always as bright and fun as they appear on my Instagram, but even on the not so good days, I am learning to enjoy life. God is teaching me that I can make the decision to have an awesome week, before it even starts! I can choose to share my new sweater before my cousin asks me for it (love you Sabs!). I can choose to be generous with my time when a friend needs me, I can choose to be kind to my snotty co-worker. I can choose to have the best attitude in traffic before I leave my house. I can choose to love before I am asked to do so.

So go out and have an amazing week friends! Then come back and tell me which one of these things helped you the most. One thing you can do to make my week better is to share this post with your friends 😉


Love always,

Your friend, Nadia Kay ❤




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